About Us

Albert Haywood & Sons Ltd is an established business trading for more than 100 years.

The business started in the back room of a house in 1920 manufacturing aprons for a removals company. During the early years the business was exclusively a workwear clothing manufacturer. The business was growing and after a slight pause for the war we moved to a dedicated manufacturing unit, Glenmoor Works in Leeds.


In the 1960’s the business introduced moving equipment and then packaging materials at the request of the customers. This part of the business grew rapidly through the 70’s and 80’s and started over taking the workwear as the main part of the business. The 1980’s saw the introduction of the first version of our popular strongwrap padded furniture covers. Little did we know how well these would be received by our customers over the years ahead.


The business continued to manufacture workwear clothing and padded covers until the early 2000’s when the demand for UK made clothing mas in decline. We took the big decision to stop making clothing and continued to provide clothing by sourcing from our bank of dedicated suppliers. The embroidery, printing and manufacture of the padded covers all remained as a key part of the business.


As the 2000’s progressed we introduced new versions of the padded strongwrap covers, invested in more machinery for embroidery all while providing an exemplary delivery service on our packaging supplies. We then invested in our 2 online sister companies allowing us to supply smaller orders online and cater for all markets. 


So here we are in the 2020’s still working with the removals industry and others. Like all businesses we are moving with the times however we still uphold the same core values we have always had, quality products, quality service and competitive pricing. 

About Us